Wednesday, 30 January 2013

End of an era

Some things are not easy to part with are they?

For more years than I care to name I have been writing an article for our local Parish Quarterly Magazine. It started with a gardening feature, then a 'hen-keepers diary' along with accompanying blog and finally morphed into seasonal country notes.

I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing the pieces, especially when so many people stop and tell me how much they enjoy them. Unfortunately however, everything has a shelf life and there are only so many ways I can describe our changing seasons and local attractions. Consequently I have decided to withdraw from the field in the hope that someone else will fill the gap as well as the empty pages with a fresh eye and inspiration.

Should anyone have a new article title in mind I would happily carry on writing but, for now, I am waiting for a new door to open as this one has so reluctantly closed.


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