Friday, 19 July 2013

Tick, tock ...

Now, just because I haven't updated for a while I don't want you all thinking I've been sitting in the sun sipping long cool drinks and not thinking about writing ok?

The novel is still 'out there' on the desks of a couple of agents and I'm hoping it is creating some news and all that. The first couple I submitted to came back to me within days with a polite 'thanks, but no thanks' so I'm hoping the fact that I haven't heard anything yet might suggest a glimmer of hope!

In a vain attempt to stop myself constantly checking the door mat and inbox I have planned and begun tentatively writing Novel Number 2. I recently read a facebook status from a well known and hugely popular author, explaining that her research had taken her to shores of Lake Como! Well, my explorations around the North Norfolk coast are somewhat less epic but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. The thrill of developing a new set of characters and watching and listening as their story unfurls is as pleasurable a process as ever and I look forward to one day, in one form or another, sharing their exploits and adventures with you all!

As ever, I will of course keep you all posted!


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