Friday, 9 August 2013

Things that make you go uumm...

Hi all, had a good week?

Along with all the blog changes I thought it might be an idea to offer a bit of an insight into my 'random list' every few weeks. This time it is the turn of 'vintage things for the kitchen' but first I want to say a huge thank you to Lucy McCarraher from Rethink Press for her much appreciated words of wisdom and encouragement regarding The Novel. Her understanding and experience has been invaluable this week and I have renewed faith in my efforts. Thank you Lucy!

This trolley is very similar to my most recent and much loved vintage purchase . It was discovered at a local car boot sale and I paid a mere £6 for it! It is practical as well as pretty and provides extra storage in a small space. Our kitchen is gradually becoming filled with similar goodies - patterned glasses, Coronation mugs, enamel dishes and bread bins - and the collection has got me thinking.

Many of these things are reminiscent of my childhood and my grandmother's kitchen, is that why I am so drawn to them? Yes, I am a new member of the 'waste not want not' movement but am I really, truth be told,  simply seeking comfort in the familiarity of the past? True I firmly believe the world has enough 'stuff' in it now to furnish and equip everyone without using up precious resources to churn out more, but it is interesting that I am drawn to objects that reflect a simpler time in my life. Coincidence or middle age? What do you think? I'd love to know.

Have a great week!


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