Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Writing Place, My Writing Ritual

With regards to the title of this post I admit that I have always been aware that I have a very specific writing place, however, the acknowledgement of 'ritual' has come as something of a surprise!

As predicted last week the pressure is now back on with the dawn of a new term and creativity has stepped up a notch as I cram in as much writing as I can on my 'days off' at the beginning of the week. How I will manage to incorporate fiction writing during the second half of the week remains to be seen but it will happen ... somehow.

My writing place has been, for almost a decade now, the kitchen table. I sit, facing the sink with the garden to my left and sitting room to the right. Doors are firmly closed, telephones ignored (international unavailable or otherwise) and kids left to fend for themselves. Truth be told I would love a writing room, garden shed or even a caravan at the bottom of the garden, but as I am currently confined to the heart of the home I make the most of my surroundings which fortunately house some of my favourite things  - Cath Kidston mugs, bunting, vintage glass, tins and the previously featured bargain trolley - they all somehow help get me in the mood to write.

Along with where I write, setting the scene for a serious writing session is, for me, paramount. As you probably know if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, I am a creature of habit, the proverbial list-maker and as such I have a well defined 'run up to writing' ritual. Tea in the favourite Emma Bridgewater mug, memory stick and general notes to my right, notebook and more specific notes to my left. Fresh flowers have also been known to put in an appearance along with magazine cuttings and my 'busy book'. The prettier my table it seems, the more productive the writing session.

I have only recently noticed this little 'table dressing' that I go through along with the mental changes that occur as I do it. Preparing the kitchen table helps prepare my mind, encourages me to switch from 'wife to writer' and by the time the table is transformed so is my mind - I am focused and ready to go.

If of course I find myself suddenly swamped with ideas and inspiration I jot them down wherever I happen to be, (I have even been known to scribble in the bath). When the moment strikes there is no time to be fussy about where you are, unless you are driving or mid conversation with a friend, then you have to simply cling on and hope the words don't evaporate before you have time to jot them down! However, if it is a serious word count I'm striving for then the above little ritual is essential.

I would love to know where you write and whether you have any little foibles attached to your own preparations.

A similar set up

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