Thursday, 14 November 2013

The cherry on the cake!

During the last few days my thoughts have never been far from my wonderful day at the Festival of Romance and the inspirational women I met there. One stand shone out for me at the Romance Fair and that belonged to the feisty Harper Impulse ladies and their impressive cupcakes! We chatted, ate chocolates and before I moved on I left my e-mail address and along with it the chance to win a 'goodie bag' adorned with one of the book covers.

You can imagine my excitement when I got home from work tonight, checked Twitter and discovered my name had been picked and I had won! I rarely win anything so I can promise you that this particular prize is going to be more treasured than most as a precious keepsake of what turned out to be, for me, a quite monumental day! So thank you Lorraine Manning for the fabulous prize and Carmel Harrington and the rest of the ladies for your kind and encouraging words - they will not be forgotten!



  1. Oh Heidi, I'm so pleased we got a chance to chat and that I helped in some way. I love chatting to other writers and can remember so clearly how scary it is starting out. (not that long ago for me!) Please stay in touch x

    1. Thank you Carmel. I really needed the confidence boost! x