Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Round up and resolutions

One of the best things about ringing in a new year for me is not tied to the opportunities, challenges and fresh goals to come, but more to the inevitable reflection on what has been achieved during the last twelve months.

I had not expected to declare that 2013 was a super year on the writing front because I had not managed to see my first novel published, however it turned out there was rather more to the year than that! When I began drafting this post the first thing I did was make a list (yes, I know I'm predictable, but I admit it I can't resist a decent list), and I realised that I had lived my most productive year as a writer so far. This is how it ended up:


I attended the Festival of Romance in Bedford and discovered the 'joys of networking'

As a result I have gained a hugely supportive group of friends who have advised, sympathised and enthused in equal measure

I have made two more contributions to Shortbread - one of which was their Christmas competition winner (Yay!)

My first novel, although not published, is still sitting on the desk of a publisher I would love to work with

My second novel has been planned, plotted and is currently being written

I have re-designed and posted something on this blog every week

I have won a couple of writing related competitions  ( a Lorraine Wilson book bag and one of Trisha Ashley's Christmas novels)

Not too shabby I hope you'll agree and now there's 2014 looming, loaded with fresh opportunities and exciting possibilities. Of course I can't be sure exactly how things will develop but one thing I am certain of is that, one way or another, I will be having my first novel published and by the end of the year the second will be good to go as well!

 Dream big my friends and never, ever give up!


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