Friday, 7 March 2014

Seasonal Reads

As I'm sure each and every one of you is aware this week we have celebrated World Book Day! It is, for me, one of the best days to be working in school and I revel in the opportunity to share my passion for the written word, storytelling and all things bookish. As well as reading to the children - this year we even had a visit from the multi-talented Tilly the Tale-Spinner - we also dress up and take photos of ourselves reading in unusual places. I have been Big Nutbrown Hare, Bilbo Baggins and I have even been photographed reading whilst sitting in my wheelbarrow. Mind you, the children were more amused by the fact that I was in a 'onesie' than where I was reading on that particular occasion!

World Book Day dawns every Spring and it also gets me thinking about my own reading cycle. Throughout the year I read as widely as possible but there are four books that always form my seasonal reads.

When Spring arrives so does Ratty, Mole, Badger and the incorrigible Mr Toad. Wind in the Willows has long been a firm favourite of mine and I still enjoy reading it to my teenage daughter whose face lights up with the first 'poop, poop'!

Summer and it is the turn of H E Bates and the Larkin family. I love all of the Larkin adventures but am particularly fond of the Darling Buds as it is reminiscent of my own childhood spent fruit picking on my granddad's allotments and listening to the Skylarks soar above the strawberry fields.

When Autumn arrives there is nothing like the Miss Read stories to get me in the mood for that 'back to school' moment. Fairacre School is an absolute joy but it is impossible to pick a top five let alone a firm first place contender!

When the first frosts arrive and Christmas looms large on the horizon then Dickens takes centre stage. A Christmas Carol kicks Christmas off for me and really gets me in the festive spirit.

I love my seasonal reads. They punctuate the turning of Nature's constant cycle and make my Pagan heart sing. I would love to know if you have any!

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