Saturday, 15 March 2014

You can't argue with gut instinct

Yet another week gone and we are still no closer to the house move that has been in the offing since our offer was accepted last October. If we haven't gone by the end of the month we won't be going and I can't help thinking that all this stress has, in some twisted way, enabled me to immerse myself so completely in my writing this year.

As you all know The Cherry Tree Cafe first draft is complete and I have now read it, courtesy of downloading to my kindle, for the very first time. Overall I am extremely pleased with it as are my much appreciated alpha readers and I shall begin editing in a few weeks time.

I have now decided that this will be ' the one' that introduces me to the RNA New Writers Scheme. Having thought very long and extremely hard about submitting my first novel When the Country Calls, my gut still says the same thing and even though it took me two years to complete, it isn't ' the one'.

However, I simply can't consign Cowgate Farm to the memory stick so have decided to use it as the main setting for my next novel and some wonderfully eccentric characters will also be putting in another appearance. It has been a hard decision to 'let go' but it has also been a relief. When the Country Calls part deux is already in the planning stage and I will begin writing before the summer. Exciting times!

Keep everything crossed that next week will be the last blog post I write in this house before moving on to pastures new!


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