Saturday, 12 April 2014

Living the writing life!

Finally the Easter break has arrived and along with it a frenetic burst of energy and writing activity. I am fortunate that my chosen career means I get lovely long breaks throughout the year and I always do my best to make sure I capitalise on them.
This week, the first full week of the hols in my corner of Norfolk, has been no exception. Along with my birthday I have been focused on editing The Cherry Tree Cafe ready for RNA NWS submission and writing a post for my first ever Blog Tour which I will be taking part in in a couple of weeks time.

Ideas for the next novel, which has the working title The Skylark Serenade, have been coming thick and fast this week with scenes and conversations descending and unraveling so that by the time I come to commit them to the hard drive they feel as though I have really witnessed them and they are so familiar that I am simply recording what I have watched play out.

This is the writing life I would dearly love to live every day but I'm a half full type, I love my job and I know I'm blessed to have the opportunity to indulge my passion and enjoy the balance that others crave.


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