Monday, 19 May 2014

Not so fast!

So there I was, merrily typing away thinking that I'd got this moving business licked when straight out of left field I was floored by a plethora of domestic dilemmas ranging from plumbing problems, to washing machine woes and then finally a fairly major oil leak, all of which have left me feeling far from my usual sunny self.

I have tried to battle on and keep my head above water whilst bearing armfuls of unwanted added baggage but the time has come for me to drop the lot and say 'enough really is enough'. Earlier this year the lovely Mandy Baggot reminded me that my writing journey is exactly that - mine and only yesterday the equally lovely Julie Stock suggested a writing break might be in order. So that is exactly what I am going to do. With my head so full of domestic trivia the intricacies of The Cherry Tree Cafe are never going to be given my full attention so I may as well do things properly, tidy away the manuscript and pick it up again when things have settled down.

I'm allowing myself three whole weeks which covers a final manic week at work, half term and Paul's holiday the following week. Hopefully by then, with the arrival of the long summer term, I will be able to get stuck in and have my revisions completed in time for submission during the summer break.

Blogging will still be on the agenda along with a copious amount of reading but even if I am thinking of and making notes about The Cherry Tree I won't be visiting again until the first week of June. All I have to do now is cope with the guilt and I'll be good to go!


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