Thursday, 31 July 2014

Our Path to Publication Summer Blog Feature - Julie Stock

The third contributor to the Path to Publication Summer Blog Feature is the fabulous Julie Stock. Julie and I met through Twitter as RNA NWS newbies and she is now a firm friend and confidante (whether she likes it or not). To contact, follow or find out more about Julie make use of the links and the end of her post.

Thanks first of all to Heidi-Jo for asking me to take part in this feature on her blog about my path to publication. Heidi-Jo gave me some questions to answer for the feature and so here goes!

Have you always been a writer?

I suppose I could say that up until recently, I had only ever dabbled in writing. When I was young, I used to write poetry but I wouldn’t want to share that with anyone! It was only last year that I started to do some serious writing. I’d been having quite a difficult time personally and had decided to change to part-time working as a way to ease the burden a bit. Then, in April of last year, I had an idea for a story and I sat down to write it with no idea of where it might lead me. By the summer, I’d written 70,000 words and when I changed to part-time working in September, my writing naturally became something for me to do. I’ve got the bug now and enjoy writing as much as I can, whenever I can.

What prompted you to join the RNA NWS this year?

I think I first found out about the RNA at the Festival of Romance last November and when I discovered that there even was such a thing as a Romantic Novelists’ Association, I couldn’t quite believe it. Then I read about the New Writers’ Scheme and it seemed perfect, especially because I knew that I would need a professional assessment of my manuscript at some point. I didn’t expect to be accepted though because I knew that the competition to join was fierce so I was delighted when I managed to get through.

Have you attended any events?

I joined my local RNA group and have been to lunch with them a couple of times now. I attended the RNA’s Summer Party in May and I’m looking forward to the Conference. I have found everyone so friendly and so willing to share their expertise. It has been really heartening as a newbie to be so readily welcomed into the fold.

What are you planning today with the MS you submit?

I have recently received my NWS report on my debut novel, ‘From Here to Nashville’ and I was very grateful to my reader for the constructive feedback I received. I have made a start on the final revisions now and I plan to self-publish once I have had a professional edit and proofread and sourced a professional cover design.

What are your literary aspirations?

My dream is for my writing to become my full-time job and for me to keep doing it!

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