Sunday, 21 September 2014

Introducing Muse...

I love the days that follow attending a literary event, especially one as exciting as The Festival of Romantic Fiction. This week has been busy on all fronts but my head has been abuzz with plans and plots for the future courtesy of the events I attended and to be honest I can't wait to get started.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will already know that I completed the first draft of The Skylark this week. Although not as long as The Cherry Tree Cafe first draft I was far more disciplined about getting on and writing it. Strictly no editing along the way, just straight to the keyboard and get it down. Looking back through my diary it has been roughly 10 weeks from chapter 1 - 50. I already have scenes to add and twists to tweak and can't wait to dive back in and get editing and enhancing.

Muse however, as always, knows best and has already filled my head with the beginnings of the plot for novel number 3. So while The Skylark sits in the warming drawer enjoying the benefit of a good long prove, I'm getting down to some serious planning. A couple of The Cherry Tree Cafe characters have wandered across the plot and pages of The Skylark, sprinkling their fairy dust en route and this third novel has turned into a definite amalgamation of both stories with a previously minor character making a grand entrance stage left.

The light bulb moment was pinned down by Muse last Saturday morning at the Pitch and Publish event and tied in beautifully with everything that has gone before. I'm not counting my chickens yet but is awfully nice knowing that within the last year I've written two novels and have a third clamouring to make itself heard, not to mention the Christmas Novella idea that keeps elbowing me in the ribs!

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