Sunday, 5 October 2014

Country Mouse goes to the big city...

To say the last week has been manic simply doesn't cut it. Juggling the day job, the wip, the family and the cat is hard enough but throw one more thing in the mix and life gets a little bit crazy!

Last week my 'one more thing' involved an amazing writing related trip to London, (details to follow) and the preparation and anticipation had an impact on my sleep, my sanity and my ability to negotiate both the tube and the traffic. As a student I travelled to London a lot but in recent years not so much. However, even though I was a bag of nerves, the trip was both exciting and exhilarating and I can't wait to go back which is lucky really as I have won myself an amazing prize!

A few weeks ago I entered a competition via Novelicious to win an afternoon session ticket to the Books and the City Creative Writing Masterclass on November 15th. All that was required was a comment as to why I wanted to win. This is what I said:

As an aspiring author I woke up on January 1st determined that 2014 would be my year to shine. I've worked hard and achieved almost everything I set my heart on although publication still eludes me...for now! Winning this ticket would be the perfect conduit for pushing me further along the path and helping me achieve my final goal!

As you can imagine I was thrilled to receive an email last Thursday informing me that I had won. My train ticket is already booked and I've been secretly practicing my curtsy in the hope that I manage to snatch a few moments with women's fiction goddess, Milly Johnson. As always, I will of course be keeping you posted on how the afternoon goes. Wishing you all a wonderful week.

H-J x

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