Sunday, 14 December 2014

Path to Publication Festive Round Up - Julie Stock

This week I am thrilled to welcome Julie Stock back to the blog. Julie has had an incredible writing year and I am delighted that she has come back to tell us how it is going to end and her plans for an even busier 2015.

Thanks once again to Heidi-Jo for asking me to take part in this Festive update on her blog about my progress on my path to publication.

2014 past
This has been a great writing year for me. When I was last on Heidi-Jo’s blog, I had just received my NWS report back from the RNA about my debut novel ‘From Here to Nashville.’ The feedback was constructive and I was well into my final revisions.

2014 present
Since then, I have sourced a cover for my novel from Design for Writers and although it was a steep learning curve going through that process, I was very pleased with the final result. It was a real highlight for me to choose the final cover and I can’t wait to reveal it next year.

I have also had my novel professionally edited and I am almost at the end of those edits now.

2014/2015 future
I plan to give my final version of ‘From Here to Nashville’ to two trusted readers to give it a final read through for me before I send it to my proofreader at the end of January next year. All being well, I should be ready to self-publish shortly after that, unless I win a competition I have entered!

Whilst my first novel is being read for the final time, I will be going back to novel number two and working on that again. This will become the novel I submit to the RNA NWS next year.

New Goals
When I looked back at the goals I set for this year, I was pleased to see that I had met them all! For the coming year, my main goals are to publish book one and to rewrite book two. Both of these seem absolutely on course right now and that gives me great pleasure. I have one or two other goals but these are much bigger and I will need to break them down a bit before I share them in one of my weekly blog posts.

For now, it’s enough to know that next year will be the year I become a published author and in the same year that I will be celebrating my 50th birthday!

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  1. Hi Julie, Congrats on your writing year and I sympathise with the birthday though no way do I believe it!