Sunday, 18 January 2015

All Write Now

Welcome back to Writer's Blog one and all. I hope the last week has been kind and offered up plenty of opportunities to be creative?

I've had a wonderful few days filled with literary loveliness. Publishing plans for The Cherry Tree Cafe are now well underway along with editing my next novel and planning the third. I've had a very exciting invitation to a fabulous function, but more about that in a few weeks time and I've also applied for full membership to the RNA this week, something that this time last year was little more than a dream. 2015 has certainly kicked off with a flourish!

Making the transition from working on The Cherry Tree Cafe to my current wip has made this an interesting week. Opening up the file of a wip I haven't read for a few weeks feels like catching up with old friends and revisiting places I haven't been to for a while and I love that. I love that I can walk around the settings with my eyes closed, that I know each and every character inside out and yet there is always the added thrill that at any moment they will take off, do their own thing and dictate what happens next.

And always, always at the back of my mind there's another plot waiting in the wings to be recorded in the notebook, another set of characters clamouring to be noticed. 'Pick me, pick me!' They shout, demanding that theirs will be the next tale to be told. Planning novel number 3 has proved far easier since I've worked out that I had actually got the plot sorted but I'd given it to the wrong character. I'm not sure anyone other than a writer, (or a health professional perhaps) would understand that listening to your characters is paramount if you want to sleep at night! Anyway, you guys know what I mean, don't you?

Whatever you find yourselves working on this week I hope it proves fruitful and that you at least treble the word count by the time we meet again.

H x


  1. What an exciting and productive time you are having, Heidi. So glad everything is going well for you. I have fallen behind schedule with the editing - been side-tracked by small matter of applying for new job(!) - but I hope to get back on track in the next couple of days. Best of luck, and I hope your word count has trebled even if mine hasn't! xx

  2. Hi Susanna! I think you'll find that filling out a job application qualifies as writing so don't be too down about the word count this week! 😉 Very best of luck with it. xx