Sunday, 1 February 2015

The week that was...

I won't lie to you folks, this hasn't been a great week. Struck down with the throat infection from hell my writing days have fallen by the wayside and I've even found myself questioning whether the wip is worth the keyboard it has been typed on!

Frankly, I've been in a muddle and that's disconcerting because I don't do muddle. I'm more of a power through regardless amidst a plethora of plans and lists type, not caring a jot for self doubt or slacking.

So with this muddle in mind, I designated Saturday, because editing was still out of the question, to reading the twenty six chapters I've edited so far and I'm thrilled to report that I felt well and truly reassured that all was making sense and moving in the right direction!

Another positive thing to come out of this tumultuous week has been the piece I've written for the Harper Collins Romance Festival which is happening this weekend. I've submitted a post for the Author Q and A page. This is hugely exciting and I can't wait to see it online! Last year I had so many questions answered and received so much support that I'm hoping this year I can offer something in return.

So the week has by no means been a total loss but frustrating nonetheless to have lost my two precious writing days. Onwards and upwards now as we hurtle towards half term and the opportunity to get on with putting the finishing touches on planning Novel Number 3.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. See you at the Romance Festival this weekend!

Heidi x

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