Sunday, 10 May 2015

Another week, another 20,000 words

Hello folks! Welcome to a brand new week and a new blog post.

Cover Love for the recently revealed Cherry Tree Cafe cover is still pouring in and last Friday was a particularly exciting day as the novel appeared for the first time on the Books and The City website.

Seeing my novel next to those of Milly Johnson, Abby Clements and Paige Toone was a real lump in the throat moment, especially as so many of you have been Tweeting and messaging to tell me how much you are looking forward to reading it.

July 16th is edging ever closer and I'm beginning to get excited for my first publication day and little launch party!

In other news...

As you may have read in my post last week I've recently become a longhand convert and I've been encouraging those of you who struggle to find lengthy chunks of designated writing  time to do the same. I'm still typing up the wip of course but on my 'day job days' (and to be honest, any other spare minute I can find), I'm scribbling away in the A4 pad and so far the impact on the word count has been astounding.

Somehow I've hit over 70,000 words already! Not bad considering I didn't start writing until the 30th of March. Of course this is only a first draft and it will take far longer to knock it into some sort of shape but even so I'm feeling pretty pleased with the results of changing my writing habits and, if you have decided to give longhand a go, I hope you are feeling equally as pleased. I'd love to know if it is working for you, or not.

I'm packing my bags this week and heading off on my Blogging Travels again so keep tuned in on Twitter and Facebook. You never know where I might pop up!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

H x

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