Monday, 4 May 2015

Cover Love and changing the habit of a lifetime, well, a few years anyway...

You all know how this post is going to begin I'm sure! Last week I finally had the go-ahead from my publisher to share the stunning cover of my debut novel, The Cherry Tree Cafe and judging by the social media madness that followed and the encouraging skip up the Amazon pre-order chart I'm guessing you all loved it as much as I do. Fellow authors, book bloggers and future readers alike have been Tweeting, sharing and spreading the love and I'm going to take this opportunity to say another HUGE and heartfelt thank you to you all. As publication day, July 16th, edges ever closer I'm beginning to put together the invitations for the local launch party I'm planning for the 18th and am feeling uber excited to share my love of The Cherry Tree with you all.

With all this extra activity you might think I've been neglecting the wip, but a dramatic change in my writing routine has seen an equally dramatic rise in the word count and I've managed over 50,000 words in the last four weeks. I'm still writing on Thursdays and Fridays (which have been my designated writing days for the last academic year), but I'm now writing longhand every other day as well.

Twenty minutes before work, forty minutes during my lunch hour and another twenty or so when getting home, is currently averaging out to around 2,000 words a day and typing up what I have written in the evenings has kept the writing flowing and the plot fresh in my mind.

This recent change has also removed the biggest barrier to writing during the working day. It takes time to clear the table, set up the laptop and load up the manuscript however the A4 pad and biro is instantly accessible and so there really is no excuse not to get cracking, even when time is at a premium. If you are thinking that your daily routine is prohibitive and constricting I would definitely recommend giving longhand a go. I for one am a complete convert!

Happy writing everyone. Wishing you all a wonderful week.

H x

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