Sunday, 14 June 2015

Coming up roses!

Welcome to my blog and a brand new blog post. This week I thought I'd step off the writing path a little, have a look around and share something a bit more personal in the hope that we can get to know each other a little better. I know that some of you have read The Cherry Tree Cafe now and it will come as no surprise that I love cakes and crafts just as much as leading lady Lizzie Dixon, but what you might not know is that I am also a fan of vintage and, if the quick scan around the house is anything to go by, anything vintage or quirky with roses on.

I hadn't really taken in the magnitude of this, for arguments sake we'll call it a mild obsession, until I noticed that I was taking photographs for this post on my rose encased phone whilst wearing my rose patterned dressing gown, which covered my rose patterned underwear...say no more. Any bloggers who met me at the Books and The City Spring Blogger Evening may well recognise the frock. I'm even wearing roses in public now!

These photographs feature a few of my rose-themed things but this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

My vintage trolley was an absolute car boot bargain and I know I paid far less than £10 for it. The top tier can also be used as a tea tray and yes, hanging above it that is a Cath Kidston bag but in my defence it was a sale purchase.

Our old house was severely lacking in the storage department so these pretty boxes, of which there are more on top of the wardrobe, offered the ideal solution. The rose motif was of course an added bonus. No comments on the red rose printed bag adorning the top thank you.

Ok so you know at the beginning of this post I might have suggested this whole rose thing was a 'mild obsession'? I'd like to retract that label and upgrade to 'almost out of control' if that's ok with you? I'm sure my long suffering other half would be far happier with that!

I would absolutely love to know if you have a particular fondness for collecting and if so what is it that floats your boat? You could post a picture in the comments box below or even on Twitter. Please don't say I'm the only obsessive out there!

Before I sign off for today, I simply can't resist sharing the thrilling news that The Cherry Tree Cafe has received another thoroughly fabulous 5 star review on Goodreads!

And, that the novel has also been listed as a Top Ten Most Anticipated Release for the rest of 2015 on the Fabulous Book Fiend blog!

Until next week, happy collecting!

H x


  1. I'm a collector. It used to be cricket figures with dogs and nuts and all sorts of unusual things. Now it 'fumsup' sometimes known as 'touchwud's. These are tiny figures with a wooden head whose arms raise up to touch it. They were given to soldiers at the height of their popularity during WW1. In my WIP Rose gave hers to Michael in 1916 to bring him luck when in France.
    Love your roses.
    From Ros x

    1. Oh I love this Ros! I've never heard of these before and what a lovely touch of authenticity to add to your wip!

  2. I live vintage. I have a 50s inspired jive dress which has huge red roses in it - gorgeous.

    1. Knew I couldn't possibly be the only rose fetishist out there! 🌹

  3. I guess I'm a collector of books, like my father! My most treasured ones are books signed by the writer amongst which are Jeannette Winterson, David Suzuki & Gordon Ramsay! You might enjoy my blog too