Sunday, 20 September 2015

Gosh, what a week!

Every Sunday when I sit down to write my weekly blog post I'm always amazed that I can find something new (and hopefully interesting), to share and this week has been no exception!

School is now very definitely in session and along with the new term comes a whole new host of bugs and sniffles and not only am I enduring the head cold from hell but am also victim of The Wisdom Tooth That Won't Break Through. As you can imagine sneezing and nose blowing has been a joy with a pulsating gum but hey ho, such is life.

During the last couple of months my literary endeavors seem to have been sabotaged and set upon from all quarters but I am doing my utmost to keep going and am delighted that the new Friday Feature, #MyWritingLife, which launched last week, has been greeted with such enthusiasm.

I am also thrilled with the fabulous media pack those clever folks from Simon and Schuster sent through last week and although nervous about holding my very first solo reading and Q and A session, I'm looking forward to introducing The Cherry Tree Cafe to a whole host of new readers. If you happen to be in Norwich on October 17th and fancy dropping by do get in touch and I'll add your name to the guest list.

On the writing front the word count for Novel Number 3, my first festive novel, is steadily rising thanks to some early morning and lunch hour longhand sessions and I'm finally beginning to feel that life is getting back on track.

We all of us have tough times to face, and quite often when we least expect them, but whatever else you do, do not lay down that pen, do not stop planning and plotting, keep stretching your creative muscle and you'll find picking up the pace far easier than if you had ground to a complete halt.

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Don't forget to check back in on Friday when Sharon Booth will be sharing the details of her writing life

H x


  1. Wishing you lots of uck for your Q&A session - I'm sure it'll go well. Just a shame I don't live closer.

    1. Thank you Wendy. I'm feeling rather nervous as this will be my first solo author outing! I'm rather hoping some friendly faces in the audience will scatter the butterflies. H x