Friday, 18 September 2015

My Writing Life... Michelle Dobson

Hello and thank you for taking the time to have a look at the brand new Friday Feature which launches today! 

During the next few months the blog will be playing host to a variety of authors, (some aspiring, some independently published and a few traditionally) who all share a common desire to demonstrate that no matter how tight you are for time there is always, always, the possibility to squeeze in a few moments to write somewhere in the day! I'm hoping they will also be sharing their hopes and aspirations for the future along with details of their current projects and plans.

The feature kicks off today with a post from Michelle Dobson

Time to write...

Anyone who knows me has come to expect me to write almost anywhere I am!

For me it's not a case of necessarily planning time to 'sit down' and write but I tend to write 'in the moment' and I've been known to write from a clothes changing room in a shop, waiting rooms, hospital beds and often pull the car over, to 'get it down'. For me writing is a way of life. It's almost like words run through my veins.

I've written various genres over the time from copywriting in my advertising days, poems, women's interest pieces & of course now for my book. I've always loved writing ever since a child and my creative flair took me down the advertising path but in recent years I've written for therapeutic purpose and it's opened a whole new world.

My writing aspirations... 

The vision in my head, 'my dream' has been that on my 50th Birthday (some 12 years away) I would be relaxing in the Maldives & I'd pull out a book from my beach bag and it will be my book! So it would kind of be a double celebration. Now I'm an impatient kinda girl and I've learnt that life's too short to put dreams in a 'maybe one day' box and recent health issues have made me think; 'just go for it M', to take every opportunity that comes my way and to believe that despite everything, 'I'm not done, I'm just beginning'...

My Author Bio...

My name is Michelle Dobson, I'm 38, been married for 14 years and we have 2 gorgeous sons who are currently 13 & 8 and we are thoroughly enjoying village life in the country. I used to work in a top London advertising agency where I was the account manager for L'Oreal & I also had the privilege of working on other blue chip accounts with other creative teams. I then took the decision to become a full time Mum after our first son was born. Needing somewhere to channel my creativity and as a hobby I then became a qualified interior designer. Life events then took many considerable turns which led me to the world of counselling 9 years ago and I'm now a member of BACP, training and working towards another dream of being able to run my own counselling practice. 

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  1. Hi Michelle. Congratulations on being the first writer in Heidi's new My Writing Life feature. You're absolutely right in your comments about the "one day maybe" approach - if you have a dream, you need to chase it down and make it happen. It sounds as if you are a busy and determined lady. I'm sure you will achieve your writing goals.