Friday, 30 October 2015

My Writing Life... with Ros Rendle

Today I'm delighted to welcome my good friend and fellow RNA member Ros Rendle to the blog to share her experiences and thoughts on living her Writing Life.

Ros Rendle – author – and proud to be so named

I’ve just had my book published by Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books. This is my second book, the first being self-published through KDP.  
I only started writing after I retired. I tried when I had a family and a full time job but too many evening meetings and other aspects of real life got in the way. I’m sorry I didn’t pursue it back then because my mum, a published author many times over, was always urging me on. She would have been proud now but it’s too late to tell her. Perhaps this might be a lesson for others……?

However, I think the day job, family etc. may have been simply prevarication because I still find it extremely hard to get into any sort of daily routine.  I greatly admire those who rise daily at 5am in order to write regularly before work etc.
I’ve just received back my M/S from the NWS reviewer so must now start editing that again. I’ve started writing the sequel and I have publicity to do for ‘Sense and French Ability’ so I’m going to have to be more disciplined.

The latest two projects have been historical sagas with a strong romantic element. This demands significantly more research for me which I enjoy but is time consuming. For these books I should like an agent and a publisher who deals in paperbacks as well as digital but I know I shall need to be more consistent with my routine if this were to be the case. Deadlines would be demanded. Maybe that might be easier because people around me would see this occupation more as a job and less ‘just a hobby’ that can be put off to another day. Who knows? It’s a dilemma to decide which route to follow.

I worked as a head teacher so my writing then was policy documents, essays and some stories to which young children enjoyed listening. I have two married daughters and four granddaughters. Having lived in France for ten years we are now back in England living just north of Peterborough and loving it.

Ros’s latest book:


  1. Thanks for publishing this Heidi-Jo. It's a good series and very interesting to hear about others' views.

    1. Thank you for contributing Ros. I'm hoping we can all pick up lots of tips and ideas! H x

  2. So interesting to read about your writing life, Ros - especially as we are both on the NWS with manuscripts just back from our readers. I'm like you with not having a proper writing routine and know it's something I'll probably need to work on. Good luck with finding an agent X

    1. Thank you for commenting Wendy. I myself am all too familiar with the 'shall I, shan't I,' agent dance! H x