Sunday, 1 November 2015

All Good Stuff!

Hello folks! Apologies for not posting anything last week. Fortunately the #MyWritingLife posts from Emma and Ros were more than up to the task of flying the blog flag for a few extra days. To be honest, I can't help wondering if any of you actually noticed I didn't put in appearance at all, but I won't dwell on that thought...

My absence during half term was, in my opinion, totally justified as I was buried in the final round of edits for Novel Number 2 which is going to be published next June. Up at ridiculous o'clock every morning I edited on screen before morning had broken and then, after a break, downloaded to my e-reader just to make sure everything was (hopefully) perfect and making any further amendments if necessary. I'm going to be bringing you news, blurb and a few tantalising details about the novel soon, so watch this space!

Not to be outshone, The Cherry Tree Cafe has hung on to the Number 1 spot in the Amazon Kindle Contemporary Romance chart and Number 3 in the Amazon Kindle Paid chart. Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled and pleased to tell you that you can still download for just 99p! A grand total of 89 reviews have now been posted and 57 of those have been 5 fabulous stars!

Along with my own writing projects I am also taking part in the Harper Collins and BMI virtual romance festival which is happening between the 20 and 22 of November. Looking at love in literature and on the big screen there are ample opportunities to take part and having been involved with previous festivals I can't wait to see what everyone has to say about topics such as who their favourite onscreen romantic lead is, which romance novels they think make imperative reading etc. Click on the link below for further information. 

Oh and before I forget, you can now also find me on Instagram (heidi_swain) where I've been posting lots of pics including the one below which demonstrates beautifully what I enjoy doing in a rare few minutes away from the screen!

So as you can see, half term has been rather hectic and I've only told you half the story! I've got a hundred and one other things happening behind the scenes and I promise I'll share them with you just as soon as I can. In the meantime however I'm going to take the opportunity to thank you for continuing to support not only me, but also the wonderful authors who have contributed to the Friday feature, #MyWritingLife.

Wishing you all a wonderfully Autumnal week.

H x

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