Sunday, 22 November 2015

Bits & bobs...

Hello folks! What a hectic few days it has been and with December already looming large on the horizon it is only destined to get even busier. Personally I don't mind keeping busy as long as I can keep writing my lists and have my planner to hand. Honestly, you should see the diary I keep in the kitchen. It is one of the 'week to view' beauties with everything listed on the appropriate day, right down to when the beds are changed and the shopping ordered. Both happen on a Tuesday, in case you were wondering!

I have a separate, but similarly organised, diary for writing. Deadlines, milestones and events are all meticulously recorded and last Sunday was something of a Red Letter Day as I recorded a particularly proud #authormoment when The Cherry Tree Cafe reached 150, 5 star reviews on Amazon!

I was also able jot down that, after another reading of Summer at Skylark Farm, I was still very much in love with Amber, Jake and their story. I always think it is a good sign if you revisit something you have written and still feel the same flush of pleasure and excitement that you felt when you completed the first draft!

As well as editing I have also been planning and plotting my next couple of projects, the details of which I would absolutely LOVE to share with you, but for my now, my lips are very firmly sealed! Oh and then there's Instagram of course! I'm a relative newbie but folk seems to like photos of my mince pies and cream teas so do please have a look for me next time you log on - heidi_swain

Right, I better go and get ready for work. Wishing you all a wonderful week! Can you believe next time we check in it'll be almost time to hang the advent calendar? Where has the year gone? Answers on a postcard please...

 H x

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