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My Writing Life... Helen J Rolfe Nov 20

Today I am delighted to welcome Helen J Rolfe back to the blog!

The Writing Life

I’m lucky enough to write full time from home. Both my children are at school so once I’ve done the school run in the mornings, I go straight to my desk. I generally check my emails, catch up on a bit of social media, but ensure that I don’t take too long before I get down to work. The work may be writing a first draft or it could be editing, sometimes it’s choosing book covers and other times it’s writing blog posts like this one  I write Monday to Friday and sometimes do a little bit over the weekend although with a young family I prioritise them and we get out and about in the countryside or go for hot chocolates at a local café.

I think the biggest challenge I find in my writing life is that when writing a book, there is so much more to it than the actual writing. Nowadays you need to maintain a good social media profile and so that forms some of my day, especially leading up to publication day.

My debut novel, The Friendship Tree, was published February 2015 and since then I have also published Handle Me with Care, so it’s been a busy year! Right now I’m gearing up for the publication of novel number 3, a contemporary romance called What Rosie Found Next. The novel is the first in the Magnolia Creek Series and will be released November 3rd. Alongside getting ready for publishing my latest book, I’m writing the next one, the second book in the Magnolia Creek Series. So, watch this space…

To keep writing!

I’ve indie published Handle Me with Care and also What Rosie Found Next (out November 3rd 2015) and I’ve really enjoyed the journey. I’ve worked with a brilliant editor, a lovely cover designer and have books that I’m so proud of. Whether I’ll continue to indie publish, I’m not sure. I’d like to find an agent as part of my long-term career plan, but with this industry, who knows what will happen next! All I know is that I’ll never stop writing.

My Bio

I originally started my working life in I.T. until I made the leap and studied writing and journalism. This saw a change of career when I started writing articles for women’s health & fitness magazines, followed by a stint volunteering with the PR team at a children’s hospital where I was responsible for newsletter content.

After fourteen years of living in Australia, we decided to return to the UK where I now live in Hertfordshire with my husband and two children. We are slowly getting used to the change of climate!


What Rosie Found Next

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