Monday, 4 January 2016


I'm so, so excited that the world now finally knows I've signed another 2 book deal with the fabulous Books and The City Team at Simon and Schuster and as I'm sitting in my writing spot typing this post and listening to my phone and Kindle pinging all over the place, I can't help thinking how lucky I am to be supported by such a wonderfully kind and caring bunch of authors, bloggers and readers!

I've been sitting on this ridiculously thrilling news for weeks like a somewhat unstable and ever so manic mother hen who can't wait for her clutch to hatch! And of course not only do you all now know that I've signed, the details of the contract have also been announced in The Bookseller which really is the stuff of dreams!

The Bookseller

So that now makes four novels. I feel slightly breathless at the thought.

You all know how much I enjoyed dreaming up and writing all about The Cherry Tree Cafe and Summer at Skylark Farm and I'm equally as excited about novels 3 & 4.

Novel number 3 is set around a Christmas market stall and will be published in Winter 2016, (my first Christmas novel...whoop), while number 4 will appear the following Summer and includes a leading man to truly swoon over. I'm already planning to tease you with more details as the months to publication countdown, but in the meantime, did you spot these wonderful words from the thoroughly fabulous Clare Hey...

"I am looking forward to seeing her e-book popularity blossom in print at the start of a long, brilliant career."

I know!

H x


  1. Big congratulation Heidi! Can't wait to dvelved into your second book. Sounds a dream!

  2. OMG EEEEEEKKKK well done you I'm thrilled. For you. I love the new site but
    Xx Laura xx