Monday, 14 March 2016

Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market & Re-reading the 'classics'

Welcome to Spring everyone! I hope the weather has been kind and you've had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and flowers? Here in Norfolk March began with a sprinkling of snow which was hugely appreciated as I was just poised to finish the first draft of the Christmas novel which, I am now delighted to reveal is called...

Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market

The novel is already available to pre-order and will be published at the end of October. Nothing like getting the reading pile ready well in advance!

With two books being published this year my writing life has become increasingly hectic but I'm still making reading a priority. You may recall that in January I said I would be reading two Dickens novels I haven't read before? The plan is still on track, however I have also been thinking about other great 'classics'.

You can't possibly have missed Jilly Cooper's thrilling announcement that she is treating us to a Riders sequel or that her books were on a brief, but amazing, 99p Amazon deal. No, I thought not! I immediately downloaded the devilish R C-B et al to my Kindle and have been enjoying early nights snuggled under the duvet reacquainting myself with the deliciously sexy world of international showjumping, and do you know what? I can remember it all. 

It must be getting on for 30 years since I was surreptitiously reading it at boarding school, again under the cover of the duvet and risking the wrath of the nuns should I be caught, but do you know, I haven't forgotten a bit of it. Every clever twist and turn I've encountered has been like meeting an old, but ever so slightly naughty, friend.

What I had forgotten however (until Sara-Jade Virtue triggered the memory) was just how badly I wanted to be Jilly Cooper when I grew up and finally found the courage to try and be a 'proper' writer (whatever that was supposed to be). I adored Jilly. Her effortless elegance, her sprawling dogs and perfect plots were what I aspired to. Trawling back through the memory bank I wondered if there was any other little gem lurking. There was. 

As a teenager longing to follow her dream but not having the first clue how to go about it I fell in love with the film Romancing the Stone starring Kathleen Turner, but not all of it. The bit I loved was the very beginning when she's frantically typing in her apartment, desperate to finish her manuscript, engrossed in her words, still in her nightie, out of loo roll with just Romeo the cat for company. 

Well I might not have the elegance of Jilly or the apartment of Miss Wilder, but I do have a cat, I'm rarely out of my pj's on writing days and I do immerse myself at the keyboard so I'm getting there now, aren't I? Those teenage dreams are finally coming to fruition!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

H x

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  1. Great blog post. I have to admit I have never read those books.

    1. Thank you Tanya! Couple of little extras for the kindle carousel. Happy reading! H x

  2. Such a wonderfully busy year ahead, Heidi. Love the title 'Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market' - but then I'm a sucker for all things Christmassy! Glad you still find time to enjoy some of your favourite authors. :-)

    1. Oh thank you my lovely. I'm delighted with it. Christmas seems so far away right now but I have a feeling this year is going to fly by! H x

  3. Ah - I had a nice re-visit to Riders just before Christmas- what a lot of teenage hormones it brought back too :) So important to remember our dreams isn't it! By the way - hoping you're up in London next weekend (if I have my info straight!) I'm so looking forward to meeting you. Lx

    1. Hello lovely! Yes, totally stirring isn't it? I'm in London for the meet up on Saturday so see you then. Can't wait to see everyone! H x