Monday, 18 July 2016

A wonderful week in my writing life

What a wonderful few days it has been, packed full of new writing life experiences and excitement. I might be aching for the end of the school term but the extra curricular writing activities have certainly helped keep me going.

Last Thursday I had a very important meeting which required tea, coffee and an abundance of cake. You know I don't need an excuse to bring out the cake stand and it isn't every day that a journalist comes to the house to interview you and take photographs for a magazine, is it?

Lorna Maybery, from the National Farmers Union Countryside Magazine, made the six hour round trip to chat about Skylark Farm, my family farming history, the potential implications of Brexit for our farmers and where I find my writing inspiration.

She took a few snaps inside but as the sun had decided to put in a fleeting appearance we went out to the garden where Storm decided to steal the show. Needless to say I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the feature photos look when the magazine is published in the autumn.

The excitement was cranked up yet another notch on Saturday as it was exactly a year since The Cherry Tree Cafe publication day. I shared a little post on Facebook and put out a couple of tweets and was amazed by the response. To be honest it felt like publication day all over again!

I even had presents and cards by post and spent the day baking cakes and sausage rolls for a celebratory tea of which I think Jemma and Lizzie would have been proud. Personally I am extremely proud of my debut which at the time of writing has 456 Amazon reviews and was a Bestseller last autumn! Not a bad start to my published career and fingers crossed Summer at Skylark Farm will reach the same giddy heights. Huge thanks to everyone for the fabulous support and encouragement. Writing can be a lonely business so knowing we have you wonderful readers and bloggers cheering us on makes all the difference. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

H x

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