Friday, 7 July 2017

A round-up of week 1!

So, my first week of working as a full-time author has absolutely flown by and what a wonderful week it has been! I can't honestly say I've upped the word count of the WIP by any great shakes, but then I did know when Monday dawned that I had a packed schedule and that I was going to be clearing the decks ahead of the Cuckoo Cottage publication day and the wonderful RNA Conference.

This has turned out to be a week of 'firsts' in more ways than one as on Wednesday I was invited to take part in the Norwich Open Academy Literary Festival and delivered creative writing workshops for Year 7 and 8 students. I planned four exercises for each of the hour long 'Kick Starting Creativity' sessions and was delighted with both the amount and the quality of work the students produced in such a short amount of time. Norwich is certainly a hotbed of passion for the written word and I would happily repeat the exercise if there are any schools out there looking for visiting authors.

The rest of the week has been taken up with snatched hours working on the WIP, dreaming about novely number 7, finalising bits and pieces for publication day next week and indulging in the odd stationery purchase courtesy of the Amazon vouchers my lovely work chums gave me the day I left school. I've always been a sucker for highlighters and these pastel beauties are just too good to miss...

So all in all a thrilling first week and given what's happening next week I'm fairly certain living the writing life can only get better!

H x

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