Thursday, 27 December 2018

What day is it?

Hello folks and welcome to the 'no idea what day of the week it is' few days which always descend between Christmas and New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas or at least clawed your way through the holiday madness with the help of some festive fiction!

Personally I'm ready for some routine now and I have a brand new project to start working on and lots of exciting news to get ready to share with you, but what I have been up to since my last post...

Well, my book signing in the beautiful Diss Bookshop was a great success and the perfect lead in to Christmas!

Massive thanks to everyone who came along. The shop was so busy with folk buying all sorts of bookish gifts. It was a great sight and the market town of Diss was thriving!

I have also made sure I've had plenty of time to work my way through my festive #tbr. I'm still enjoying the seasonal reads as there was no way I could have read them all in time for the 25th. I hope you are still immersed in yours.

And of course, I've been getting the final draft of my next book, Poppy's Recipe for Life,  ready to share with you in May. I'll be sharing more details about Poppy's story in the next few weeks so watch this space but in the meantime,  I wish you all a happy,  healthy and book filled New Year!

H x 


  1. It was lovely to meet you again Heudi. Kezia was pleased with her book. Xx

    1. Hello Jacqui! I'm so pleased Kezia was happy with her book. My daughter was delighted to know another KPop fan isn't too far away! See you at The Launch of the year next month. Much love H x