Friday, 4 October 2019

The Christmas Wish List publication day

My goodness! What a welcome to the world you, my wonderful #swainettes, gave to The Christmas Wish List yesterday! You lovely folk kept me busy on social media for 14 - I kid you not - solid hours. From just before 7 am I was on my phone switching from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter and back again. It was absolutely amazing and I loved reading what the brilliant book blogging folk had added to the beautiful Wish Lists the Books and The City publicity team had sent out.

Here's mine, in case you missed it...

Strangely enough, Storm doesn't seem all that keen on Number 1, but everyone agreed with me on Number 12! If you fancy making your own list, keep your eyes peeled next month as I am going to be including some of these pads, the candy cane pens and some other gorgeous goodies (signed books included), in a great big festive giveaway.

No publication day would be complete without some beautiful blooms and the colours in this stunning bunch tie in so well with the covers on the book jacket. Aren't they striking? And they smell heavenly too.

Lots of you have been asking if I'm going to be doing any events before Christmas and although I haven't got much planned as yet, I am heading to Liverpool Waterstones to do an event on November 8th with my Favourite Author Ever, Trisha Ashley. I'm adding the details to the right of this post, including a link to buy a ticket. Do come along if you possibly can. It's going to be a great evening.

And talking of Trisha, how lovely is this quote and graphic? I have lots to share in the run up to December and there will be a blog tour happening too so look out for details of that!

Right my loves, I suppose I better get back to it. Real life beckons today - by which I mean a loaded laundry basket and a sink full of dishes! I'll be heading out soon to snap some Christmas Wish List #shelfies to add to the collection you fabulous folk have already started.

Thank you all again for your wonderful support and for making this publication day every bit as memorable as the others. You truly are an amazing bunch and I love you all to bits.

H x

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