Saturday, 9 April 2011

Weeding, writing, weeding, writing...

Spring has to be my favourite season; that steady lengthening of days, a warm breeze, lush growth and the feel of hands deep in soil that is increasingly warm...blissful... but it is also extremely distracting! I have written this week but not much, not enough and the guilt is kicking in again. I now have the luxury of two weeks holiday and although the first is pretty much reserved for family I am determined to take huge strides in the second. I have begun a new phase of the novel and taken the brave step of asking a very dear friend to read a couple of sample chapters for foot forward and all that! I need her opinion on a technique I am hoping to use which enables me to write in both first and third person in the novel. I think it reads well but that could be because it is my baby and I am so immersed in it I can't be objective, consequently I need a second opinion before I am too far in... H-J

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