Saturday, 28 May 2011

A date to remember...

Took a day off from novel writing yesterday and attended a wonderful creative writing taster session at the 4women's resource centre in Norwich.

The course was run by Julia Webb a talented local poet and although there were only three other participants (myself and a close friend included) it was a fantastic morning filled with inspiration and lots of challenging creativity.

Julia had some wonderful activities which helped release our creative flow including; selecting a random object from a shoe box to write about, a plain envelope which held a couple of photos, a small object such as a button, and six words which we created a story around and another much more cunning challenge which turned out to be rather phonomenal.

She told us to pick an object or thing, but not a person and make a list of 10-12 words that we associated with it. She then told us to write a poem or piece of prose about our object/thing without using any of those words. Try it - its not as easy as you think. My 'thing' was a Hare and I was rather surprised by what I managed to create!

All in all it was a fantastic event and I would strongly recommend you look out for future opportunites at the centre.

I have also (bravely) uploaded a photograph of myself. Just scroll down to view...


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