Sunday, 11 December 2011


If any of you budding scribblers out there are lacking inspiration as the darker days descend then I have a pre new year's resolution for you to get working on - join a creative writing group - or even set up your own if you can't find one locally.

I have now attended half the sessions my current course offers and I am overwhelmed with inspiration. I have submitted my latest short story to shortbread and have two others in the planning stage - as well as fresh ideas for the next novel.

Of course I am fortunate that my tutor, local poet, Julia Webb is wonderful. She has a wide range of writing activities to help creativity flow such as, choosing a random photograph or postcard as the starting point to a piece of writing. That was how the idea for my latest short story developed. The eerie tree...the dark foreboding sky...right up my street!

Another recent exercise was to try and describe a film in one sentence. My offering was: An Anglo/Indian muddle that all comes good in the end. 'Forster?' I hear you ask, 'A Passage To India.' Oh well help yourselves to another mince pie won't you?


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