Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A little R and R isn't always a good thing!

Well, as regular followers will know I have been absent without leave for a week or so and I can't honestly say that I feel any better for it. Don't get me wrong, the freedom of enjoying a week at home with no committments beyond washing a few dishes has been most welcome but it hasn't done much for my creativity!

For the last two days I have tried to get back into the editing flow but it has not been easy. A colleague has kindly taken up the challenge of reading the mansucript and so yesterday I printed off the first two chapters only to discover a thousand and one things that needed changing! I had been warned that looking at the novel on paper would be very different to 'on screen' and never has a truer word been spoken!

What I should have done is file away the paperwork but I didn't. I began trawling through, crossing out, adding and generally fiddling which all added up to a restless night and an agitated husband. So, new plan - edit entire novel on screen (again), print each chapter and file it away. The seal will only be broken when I have the manuscript completely printed and then I will begin the 'paper edit' not before!

My husband very patiently reminded me last night that this is my first completed novel and that I shouldn't be too hard on myself, frustration is all part of the process and of course he is right,  but I must admit I had expected to face a learning curve not the Himalayan equivalent!



  1. Hi Heidi-Jo!

    I was curious if you would be interested in writing adult short stories for us. Anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 words each. Depending on quality, we can go for as many as you can provide. Let me know something via email. cstanton AT gmail

    1. Hi Clint. Having problems with your e-mail contact. Could you please re-type if you read this? Thanks. H-J