Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Back on form

A little after 6.30am and here I am already at the keyboard for a morning of editing and printing. Yes, the muse is back (thanks to some timely adivce from Ellen Dugan) and I am managing to edit and print a chapter a day. At this rate I should have a completed paper manuscript to work on before the start of term in September and I'm going to need it!

Last week I registered for the Writers' Centre TLC Free Read scheme which gives unpublished authors the opportunity to compete for a professional free read of their writing regardless of whether it is a collection of poerty, prose or a script. An amazing opportunity with a September deadline. I am keeping my entry ticket next to the computer as I write as a prominent reminder that I need to keep typing.

I also had a new piece of flash fiction published on Shortbread this week. It can be accessed via the link next to this post or directly through the website. I have another story in the editing queue and potentially another to upload - as long as it doesn't win the competition it has been entered for of course.

And finally, I had a rather mysterious comment on the post I submitted last week from a guy (I presume) called Clint asking whether I would be interested in writing short sotries for him. His contact details were rather muddled and I have heard nothing from him since. If anyone out there knows who the mystery man (again I presume) is, then please let me know.

As ever I'll keep you posted.


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