Tuesday, 14 August 2012

More of the same

Nothing overly exciting to share but if I say I'm updating weekly, then I'm updating weekly! There are just enough followers now to nag when I don't.

So far the 'editing a chapter a day' plan is working however I did take the day off yesterday to placate my bored twelve year old daughter and tomorrow I will be doing the same with my mother. Before you all start clamouring I am home alone next week and will more than make up for two lost days so no harm done.

Next week I will also be preparing and delivering my TLC Free Reads submission to the Writer's Centre in Norwich and continuing work on a new short story called Miss Liberty Belle who isn't quite who she seems, so no slacking allowed as the holidays rapidly draw to a close.

Internet connection is frustratingly slow today - an hour to order groceries and check e-mails so no excuse to 'quickly log on and check facebook' today. I'll simply sign off and carry on editing. Oh, before I go, pleased to report that  Hazy Days and When I Hear Him Whistle have both received positive comments on Shortbread.


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