Thursday, 23 August 2012

Where did the week go?

This week its just been pretty much me and the computer. The seventeen year old needs minimal attention, the twelve year old is with grand parents and the husband is mostly absent, floundering under the demands of a stop start harvest.

By 7.30am I have sorted the chores and been ready to type, read, edit, print and type again. It has been the most productive week I have had in a while and yet in some ways disconcerting as well. The tummy begins to grumble and I glance at the clock to discover that three, sometimes even four, hours have slipped by. A hasty re-fuel with tea and a banana and the next thing I know lunch beckons. In all honesty the week has passed in a hazy blur and the prospect of a new school year is little over a week away! I guess, that if I had the opportunity to write on a full time basis then this would be pretty much how my working week would pan out and that wouldn't be too bad at all.

My one 'break' this week has been a visit from a dear friend who has offered to read the novel after this first thorough edit. Inevitably the conversation turned to the first chapter which she read a few weeks ago. Her encouragement, critisism, suggestions and enthusiasm has made me realise that even though the novel is my baby it is going to take more than just little old me to make it really succeed and I am blessed indeed to know that even as I sit here alone scribing away, there are others pushing me along and wishing me well. So, thank you all and that includes the wonderful people on Shortbread because without your much appreciated comments my stories would still be hidden away and unread.


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