Monday, 17 September 2012

The end is nigh...or not.

Not for for the first time my plans have been well and truly thrown out of the window! As regular followers will know I have been planning to print the entire novel before beginning my 'paper edit' but alas, my creative brain seems to have other ideas and no matter how hard I try or how long I sit and stare at the screen I just can't write a satisying ending!

I do already have a completed first draft but I am far from happy with the end of it and therefore it won't do at all. Nothing will 'do' when it comes to writing a novel - it all has to necessary, tightly written and, well, perfect! I think the problem is that I have changed a number of details in earlier chapters and am therefore worried about leaving ends untied and issues unresolved.

What to do? Stop wasting time I decided last week and begin the paper edit regardless. I know the end will come when it is ready so why waste time doing nothing when I could be scribbling all over what I have already printed? Thankfully I have a couple of very willing friends who are going through the details with a fine tooth comb and helping me sort the good from the cliche.

Naively I had assumed it would be the husband who would be saying, 'yes, darling. That all sounds wonderful!' When in fact he is far more critical and constructive and comments such as 'too twee,' or 'how come she's going back on a train when she arrived in a car?' resound around the house! Why indeed! So a very big thank you Paul. I really couldn't be doing it without you!


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