Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ironing board inspiration

Hey there guys, welcome to my weekly blog update. I hope you've all had a fabulous week? Bit of a mixed bag for me personally, but all good on the writing front!

As you know, or you should because I've tweeted about it enough, the first two chapters of The Cherry Tree Cafe are now uploaded to Wattpad for public consumption. The number of people reading has been steadily growing as the week progresses and I've even gained a couple more followers. I myself have discovered the lovely Jennifer Joyce, Liz Tipping and Elle Field to follow.

As well as uploading The Cherry Tree chapters I have also decided to share some of my short stories. First up is Dead Man's Tree. A strange tale of intrigue, confusion, and an unexpected conversation which leads to acceptance, understanding and ultimately love. Thanks again to my wonderful daughter who has created another stunning cover!

As well as preparing the above I've also found time to pick up the threads of The Skylark Serenade and am deep in the composting stage. You know, that time when you immerse yourself in the plot, characters, settings and scenes and see what comes up. So far I've been pleasantly surprised and most it has descended as I wade through the daily ironing pile!

Any followers of Samantha Tonge and her beer bottle / slash ironing pile disaster will sympathise with the many millions who hate that most monotonous of household chores, but I have to admit it is something of a guilty pleasure for me. As the iron moves rhythmically to and fro and the pile diminishes my mind begins to wander. I find myself playing out scenes in my head and more often than not a character will pop up and say, 'but don't you see? This happened because of that!' You get the idea...

Ironing, along with washing dishes, scrubbing the loo and hoovering are inevitable parts of everyday life and I say we should embrace them and turn them to our creative advantage. Think of all the hours of composting time you could be indulging in when on the face of it you look like the perfect homemaker!


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