Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summer Fun!

What a week! There I sat last weekend, twiddling my thumbs and trying to think of ways I could spice up my Summer when BAM inspiration hit ... and not an ironing board in sight!

As regular readers will know I've recently finished The Cherry Tree Cafe and am immersing myself deep in the composting phase before starting to write The Skylark Serenade during the summer break, but what to do whilst waiting? Blog, that's what!

The very lovely Jennifer Joyce has offered me the opportunity to write a post as part of her Summer Reads feature. My contribution will appear on her blog on July 11th and will be my first appearance on a fellow writers blog. I can't wait!

In terms of spicing up my own blog I'm planning to run my own Summer feature called 'Our Path to Publication'. As a current RNA NWS member I have been sorely disappointed that I haven't been able to attend the various parties and conferences that have run throughout the year, but felt determined not to let my membership pass without bagging something memorable to accompany my manuscript critique.

With this in mind I approached a few other RNA NWS members and asked if they would be willing to share their literary experiences, expectations and plans for the future and they said yes! Over the Summer I will be sharing one post a week and getting to know a bit more about what makes some of my fellow NWS members tick.

So happy days! School is almost out, The Cherry Tree Cafe and Dead Man's Tree are proving popular over on Wattpad and now I have a summer of blogging to look forward to. I hope you will join me in a Summer filled with reading, writing and everything in between!


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