Sunday, 30 August 2015

What a week!

What that's it folks. Six uninterrupted weeks of living #thewritinglife is now over for another year but what an amazing final week it was!

Fabulous reviews for The Cherry Tree Cafe poured in and Novel Number 2 whizzed off to my editor, Clare Hey, almost a week before it was due. Interest in the proposed new blog feature was astounding (more details next week) and of course, there was my debut with Radio Norfolk on Monday afternoon.

The interview was fantastic and I can't believe how clearly the time flew by. My clever daughter managed to record the whole thing so I could listen when I got home and to be honest it was nowhere near as excruciating as I first feared. I've included the link below for your amusement...

This week I'm going to be starting to schedule and prepare the new feature which will begin in the Autumn and I'm extremely excited to be returning to Novel Number 3! The Summer may be over but in all honesty, there is no end to living #thewritinglife.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

H x

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