Sunday, 21 January 2018

January blues?

Hello folks! How are we all? Apologies for abandoning you for the last couple of weeks. How are you finding 2018 so far? I'm not going to lie, the start of my year has been a little lack lustre. The weather has been predominantly dull, dull, dull here in Norfolk and the blank sheet of grey has been getting to me a bit. However, there are signs that spring is on the way...

I've been filling the house with a variety of sweet smelling spring bulbs which has helped lift my mood. The strongly scented hyacinths are my absolute favourite.

And this morning, just for a few minutes, even the weather was looking as if it might be able out to play ball. The spectacular sunrise lasted no longer than three minutes, but it was three magnificent minutes!

So, rather than wallow in these lack lustre days, I'm going to embrace them, try and get away from my desk and out of the house at least every other day, and not worry so much about how the winter is taking its toll on my mood.

In other news...

Launching this Thursday, is the first in a series of guest spots on the blog, beginning with lovely Emma from Star Crossed Reviews, who is going to tell us all about her blogging journey. During the next couple of months there will be other brilliant bloggers popping up, along with an array of awesome authors so do keep an eye out for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

One thing which has been going well this January is the writing. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, I still can't tell you what it is I'm writing, but it shouldn't be too long a wait now. I promise...

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

H x


  1. Hello H. I’ve just joined the library and I’m 24 pages into my first book, yours!! Sleighs & Bells & Fairs, I have a question, are all the characters linked? there is reference to a successful market. Should I start at the cafe? I need order somewhere in my life and this could be it for 2018 and I can be back at the library on Monday. I did ask the internet but it wasn’t clear so I thought I’d ask you. Many thanks CM

    1. Hello lovely. Apologies for the delay in replying, I've only just spotted your query. The Wynbridge tales are all standalone reads but reading them in order of publication will hopefully enhance your enjoyment. The Cherry Tree Cafe came first, then Summer at Skylark Farm, Mince Pies and Mistletoe, Cuckoo Cottage and Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells. I hope this isn't too late to help you. H x