Sunday, 30 August 2020

Living the #amwriting Life - August

So that's it folks! The August BH weather is suggesting that summer is well and truly over and I for one am more than happy about that. The searing sunshine has been replaced with cloud, drizzle and a brisk breeze and I can feel my spirits soar at the prospect of a glorious autumn. I know that's not the opinion of many, but I'm a spring and autumn gal!

Anyway, on to what's happened in August... I'm not going to fill this post with pics, but share in list form what's been going on as you are all no doubt super busy with your fabulous BH plans!

This month I've been -

Keeping in touch with the RNA NORFOLK AND SUFFOLK CHAPTER chums thanks to Zoom. This has been a real sanity saver

Giving away some fabulous SECRET SEASIDE ESCAPE swag

Writing a lovely SEASONAL SHORT STORY for a wonderful women's magazine which will be published closer to Christmas

Sharing the stunning THE WINTER GARDEN paperback layout

Loving the fabulous WINTER GARDEN reviews being uploaded to NETGALLEY and finally daring to breathe a sigh of relief

Finally heading out to see THE SECRET SEASIDE ESCAPE on sale and taking a #shelfie to remember the moment - thank you DD

And last, but definitely not least, working on the SUMMER 21 BOOK and, with the help of my wonderful agent, AMANDA PRESTON and the fabulous BOOKS AND THE CITY TEAM, coming up with the most amazing title for it! Expect an announcement soon.

So, that was August. Not as busy as some months, but certainly many, many hours have been spent head down at the keyboard which after all is necessary to enable me to living this fabulous #amwriting life! 

Wishing you all a safe September!

H x

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